Actor Analysis

Understanding policy contexts



Over time, I've developed software that I like to share.
Click on the images to download an item (usually a ZIP-file).



Serious software: DANA (Dynamic Actor Network Analysis) is a tool for policy analysts to model the perceptions that actors may have of some policy issue. I've been working on this software (on and off) since 1997. Surf to the DANA home page to read more about the method and/or to download the software.


More serious software: a Modelling Environment for Design Impact Assessment. A powerful tool that supports a multi-actor extension of AIDA (Analysis of Interconnected Decision Areas). Although you can surf to the MEDIA home page to read more about MEDIA, there is not much there yet in the way of documentation. I hope to expand this work some day...



A sin of youth: the first computer game of my hand that really became popular at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Written in 1980-1981 in Pascal on a PDP-11/70 with DEC VT52 terminals. ASCII graphics in black and white, made to look pretty on the DEC VT100 terminals that the D'son computer center acquired late 1980. Converted in 1985 to Turbo Pascal to run on an IBM PC. Never changed it since...

Ring Quest

A product of nostalgia: a Windows remake of the adventure game that I made on my first computer (a SHARP MZ80B) in 1983-1984, inspired by the HOBBIT game that Steve Richardson wrote in BASIC on the PDP-11/70 at Dickinson College. Download it and run it, if only to read the full story about this game.


Classifier I

A didactic aid to explain some basic principles of the scientific method, based on the lucid example given by Herman Koningsveld in his book "Het Verschijnsel Wetenschap" (The Phenomenon Science), first published in 1976 by Boom, Amsterdam/Meppel (in Dutch).