Actor Analysis

Understanding policy contexts



These are the projects I have been involved in professionally.
For some projects, I use this web site to develop supporting tools or simply to share information with my colleagues.


A large, multidisciplinary research project on participatory decision-making concerning technical and institutional options to mitigate the effects of water shortage. Funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union.

Look here for some of my own work in this project.


ADD ComMod

A project sponsored by the "Agriculture et Développement Durable" program of the French government. The objective is to learn from about 30 case studies with the Companion Modelling approach. Being (relatively) an outsider to the ComMod group, my role in this project is to help conceptualise the Companion Modelling approach.



Solidarité Urbain-Rural en Gestion de l'Eau - A project that I have set up with Olivier Barreteau. Our project proposal has been accepted by under the "Eaux et Territoires" program of the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development (MEEDDAD).

Click here for a publication on the first results and here to see the project web site I have set up.



Harnessing Multi-actor Complexity - A project that is part of the Understanding Complex Networks subprogram of the Next Generation Infrastructures research program.

Look here for some of my own work in this project.



Innovative Instruments and Institutions in Implementing the Water Framework Directive - A project proposal that I developed for the EU FP6 IWRM-NET program. It ran from 2008 to 2010.

Click here here for the web site that I built for this project, hoping that this will improve the chances for acceptance.